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Black birds are coming.

[Q] uiet.
10 February 1987
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The universe within my eyes.

- Birthdate unknown. Assumed around the age fifteen
- Unregistered with government.
- 5'6" // 120LBSish, looks 90LBS.
- Mastermind, dissociative
- AB Negative bloodtype.
- Flexable frame. Grotesquely skinny.
- Black Hair covering one eye.
- Panda lined red eyes due to insomnia.
- Circuit like tattooes covering body.
- wears black flight suits when out
- doesn't wear much when in room due to temperature

Quizzical, Queer, Questionable, Quick, Quirky, Quiet, Q.
Equivocal, cryptic, obscure, Objective, Theoretical, Visual,
empirical, analytical, Autistic Savant, Highly intuitive,
Strategic, "idea machine", Mentally strong, intellectual,
Childish, selfish, sadomasochistic, detatched, sometimes amoral,
unaware/lacks emotional understading, neurotic, insomniac.

Prone to stop, stand, sit, or generally be somewhere strange when observing something/one.
Otherwise stays in his room which (will be) seperated in to two rooms. One stacked with computers, a super computer, and mainframe database computer, and the other side with lab equiptment, ect.
Caution: Wet floor. The first part of his room has four inch none conductive edge around the room, and equiptment. Room for the door to open. Water coolant lining the bottom two inches of room.

Prone to sensory overload and brain break over stupid shit.
Prone to violent outbursts due to frustration.
Prone to memory lapses, and relapses, flashbacks, ect.
Prone to disregaurding self needs such as eating.
&more dysfunctional stuff most genius autistics have.

Quigley Yakim Drisstov.
Never existed. Never will.

Quigley was born in the heart and rot of Moscow Russia. He was abandoned and left at the doorstep of an abbey before the age of one. He knows nearly nothing about his actual self. This includes if his real name is actually Quigley. His birthday was never celebrated, and so he doesn't actually know his birthday. His age is based on assumption that he was a little under one years old when he was dropped off. Quigley was identidfied by some as a demon child, and some as an "indego child." What was always evident was that he was very strange. He didn't speak a word until the age of six. Q was heavily abused as a child. Sense young he was used as a secret weapon, and a tool for many things concerning pattern analysis in the Military. This ranged from computer analysis, codes, human analysis, infiltration, monitoring and strategy, system building, chemical analysis and creation, ect. He is phychically strong, but rarely displays this violence. His past caused him to develope PTSD comorbid to Dissociation. In a recent attack taking out the whole place of his residence he was taken away during the aftermath and brought to Wammy's.

Forthcomming maybe.

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